Thursday, October 25, 2007

Naturally born, chemically dissolved

Well, where to start......

My title may be slightly abrupt and possibly not well thought. However this is the first entry into the belly of the blog.

The wonder and beauty of the world we live in is limitless. It destroys me to think that we have been given soooo much to work with, but choose to destroy it in lieu of simple pleasures that are destructive to our home and body. This earth holds remedies for all that ails us! Yet we spend billions of dollars exploring all things that yield a quick and ample return of the destructive entity that is money. Although I can empathize greatly with those of you who feel powerless against the control money has on your life's path, I can't help but wonder why we continue to fan the flames?

The earth is a sacred place given to us with confidence and the hope that our vast knowledge of reasoning will allow us to make our paradise functional. All we have to do is live within our means ( large task i know! ) especially when society speaks a different truth.

There are many topics i will eventually get to, and hopefully with enough tenacity that you yourself will be asking more questions, finding reliable sources for information and changing the way you see yourself and the I only laugh because the vision is so grand and yet i am just me, a guy who'll do almost anything to get someone to look at the alternative. The alternative being life.

As attentive as I try to be, I to am a hypocrite of hypocrites, at the cost of my semi-freedom which in many cases is delusional grandeur to those with very little.

I could write for hours I'm sure, but being the first entry I imagine some of my thoughts may have come out in a tangled mess, and so i will save you the babble.